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Get a snapshot of app stores listing information you need about any app.

Mobile Action's App Intelligence Product App Profile Tool

App Profile

Find basic and up-to-date information on all the apps using App Profile.

View the review breakdown, the number of downloads, revenue estimates, and the most recent reviews.

Discover your app’s and the competitors’ visibility scores to understand your stance in the market.

Category Rankings

See the daily and hourly changes in the category ranking of any app and compare your category ranking history to that of competitors in a single chart.

Customize the chart based on date, free and paid apps to get the best insights for your next strategy.

Analyze your app’s category ranking changes in different storefronts for the date you choose.

Mobile Action's App Intelligence Product App Store Category Ranking Tool
Mobile Action's App Intelligence Product App Review Rating Tool


Don’t go from one dashboard to another. Reply to reviews on MobileAction and better manage your brand.

Browse all the reviews easily to understand your customers’ needs.

Uncover the frequently mentioned keywords in reviews to detect the possible issues or new feature ideas from your users.

See the review breakdown and filter all the results by the market, date, and review type

Similar Apps

See the similar apps listed under your app.

Track and respond to their marketing strategies.

Always stay competitive by knowing your competitors and what they are doing

Mobile Action's App Intelligence Similar App
Mobile Action's App Intelligence Product Top Charts and New Apps Tool

Top Charts & New Apps

See all top free and paid apps for a category of your choice. Breakdown the list by different app markets or countries to unveil the champions of the stores.

Discover the most recently published free and paid apps to stay up-to-date. Pick either App Store or Google Play and the country you’re interested in for the best use.

Featured Apps

See all the featured apps as they appear in the App Store. Updated daily, Featured Apps will unveil what it takes to get in this list.

Break down the list by categories for both games and apps, the time intervals, and different storefronts.

Filter the whole list by app to see whether that app is featured on a specific date.

Mobile Action's App Intelligence Product Featured Apps Tool
Mobile Action's Biggest Mover and Biggest Loser Apps Tool

Biggest Mover & Biggest Loser

Use Biggest Movers to uncover which apps improved their category rankings most and Biggest Losers to see the apps having the greatest negative movement.

Choose either the App Store or Play Store and select a country and a category to customize the chart.

Custom Alerts

Receive the notifications you care about! Utilize our custom alerts to be updated for all the changes you wish to know. Select the apps you want and get notifications about their actions such as upgrades and version or listing changes.

You can also choose to be notified about daily stats, top keywords, biggest movers/losers, and reviews. Decide the frequency of alerts & the country, and have the insights of your choice delivered to your email or slack.

Mobile Action's App Intelligence Product Custom Alerts Feature

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