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Alperen Nihan
Ever since the AI era started, it has been no surprise that the mobile app industry is embracing the trend very well. Although in...
Yarkın Tepe
In the ever-evolving landscape of app development and user experience, understanding your users’ sentiments and preferences is paramount to success. This is where in-app...
Yarkın Tepe
Personalization has been a popular marketing trend for some time now, and it is not simply used in emails or on websites. Now it...
Amir Ghodrati
With the knockout stage of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup set to begin on August 5th, it’s a good time to think about...
Elis Furtun
Ad creatives are one of the most important ways to tell your story. They’re often the first impression someone has of your app and...
Yarkın Tepe
Today, mobile apps make the world go around. We do everything via mobile apps, calling a taxi, going on a date, ordering food, playing...
Amir Ghodrati
Barbenheimer mania overtook cineplexes to close out July, with Barbie alone grossing well over over $500 million worldwide at the boxoffice in its first...
Amir Ghodrati
We’ve talked about how crafting and distributing the best mobile ad for your UA campaign is a tall order. Now let’s take a closer...

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