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MobileAction's Market Intelligence Product App Download Revenue Usage Estimates Tool

Download, Revenue & Usage Estimates

Find the most accurate daily and historical data on the download and revenue estimations of any app! Benchmark your competitors and determine how to catch up with them in different storefronts.

See how many daily and monthly active users (DAU & MAU) you have to realize your product strategy. Take an inside look at the estimates for other apps to know more about their usage stats.

Top Apps & Publishers

Discover the top downloaded apps by filtering through categories, location and date intervals.

Uncover the hidden kings of stores a.k.a “publishers” with their distributed downloads among apps. Analyze any publisher in terms of their overall download and revenue estimations as well as individual apps' contributions to their daily, weekly or monthly performances.

MobileAction's Market Intelligence Product Top Apps and Publishers Tool
MobileAction's Market Intelligence Product App Store Summary Tool

Store Summary

See the download and revenue estimates of each category in all major markets! Detect the download trends and the dynamics of any category for the time interval of your choice.

Unveil the market’s recent conditions in various verticals, using filters such as multiple countries and categories. See the historical overview to get a general picture of your category’s status over time.

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