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YouTube | 3 Stars
me tv zed ma on 2023-08-18
This app when from good to bad throughout its life time. Dislikes should have never been removed. Logged in on TV will kick you out of paused videos on ROKU or any other TV services, closing the video. Even though YouTube has a “YouTube Kids” it is far from it. From super hero’s impregnating each other to blatant violence with cartoonist gore. YouTube kids should be the more heavily monitored app then then main one. Kids are one of society’s most influenced by medias and with this kind of stuff show to them on a daily basis by parents that just what them to have some nonsensical kid friendly video or at the highest level an educational video to further their growth. The monetization and further crushing of their medium sized content creators on their main app, should cut down on the amount of demonetization to the use of “bad words”. Educational videos obviously can go deeper into the darker side as to bring up a point over to the view to learn and gain from it but all videos should be able to show somewhat video game violence, verbalization and other suppressed things on the app in the form of swearing, content that might be sensitive towards a triggered group, etc… There is an app for children. Children should not be on the main app. And even if there are, there should be +18 or mature content warning in videos or a tag warning people under the videos title saying, “this video may be triggering to sensitive audiences.” Obviously pornographic content and blatant criminal activity into the highest degree, meaning… yeah, shouldn’t be allowed. The app should be a 13 to 16 and up app just to minimize the unattended, unknowable children from getting into some of the deeper things and parental locks should be unforced to users under the age of 13 if anything. A system should be put in and if it doesn’t, I plan to make an app in the future to overthrow this app if it does not improve. It’s sad. Thanks.
Hyper actively sells data without your choice*
jejewi on 2023-08-18
The newest update is rendering privacy = pointless. Youtube, a Google project, has the option to not save history (which will affect personalized ads) like most Google services. Unlike other Google services, it COMPLETELY alters its capabilities and main functions. When I turned off watch history years ago, I had peace of mind knowing Google had less data of mine than before, and my experience and recommended videos we relatively the same as before. Fast forward to now, YouTube removed the ENTIRE RECOMMENDED! (side note it was replaced with a second Youtube logo, a second search bar (?), and a *permanent* notice saying I needed to turn on watch history to scroll recommended ***even though I would still have a generic recommendation list in incognito mode (inside Youtube, yes, it exists)***) Because I mainly found what I liked through recommended, I deleted the app since I wouldn’t really be able to use it. The recent recommendations have also been noticeably worse in the past months. The algorithm was really, really informative and precise, even without search history (I know for a fact it also recommended through my liked videos and playlists). I can’t even find long format videos on mobile and web because shorts fill up the most of the entire long form search! **YouTube makes a horrible TikTok. Youtube, please stay unique and Youtube.** I can hardly find any legitimate content because of short form content overriding the app.
You’re app is akin to a narcissistic mother
Fun app, get it! on 2023-08-18
One star is now too much for you. I used to enjoy Utube but after the virus you had to label every video that doesn’t fit your narrative with some statement as if people didn’t have access to information any other way. Then you demonized several channels with thousands of followers because you want the control of telling people how and what to think. Then channels get lost in the algorithm because you don’t agree with their platform or what they say because it might hurt someone’s feelings. If a channel bothers someone they don’t have to watch it by the way. You took many off of the platform because you can’t handle people viewing any opinions based on actual factual information that is sourced. You make porn so accessible that kids can find it yet you block ideas that are just out of your comfort zone- hypocrite. Now you make everyone agree to disregard their own privacy and give their private information to any source you like because of your new sign in policy. You are a narcissistic app wanting complete power and control of all information.
Opsördcent technological gemstone for Societies Tennis Bracelet….
Your Pet, Petey on 2023-08-18
This website has to be the greatest, most positively forward thinking, futuristically harmonious means of cultural communication/alternative sources of income<for the inept, unskilled, but nevertheless opinionated, neverthemore educated, prototypical, hackneyed, run of the mill, Johnny Dork, quintessentially impoverished, yea though “proud, and stereotypically dysfunctional “Greg Davis”, out there? And by ‘Craig David’; I mean,”Bob Johnson”. I mean, “Sam Hymen”; I’m talking about, “Brian Mccalister”, “Jenifer Goodman”, “Michael Jacobson”, “Tim James”, or “Lisa Beanturnips”…y’know; anyone with the most boringly unoriginal name which has already been done, four hundred in thirteen times, alone within the state of NewJersey, or just the city of Indianapolis? What’d you name YOUR kid; “Sean”, “Alex”? “Amy”?? “Amanda”? Have you ever read a book? Or turned OFF your television set, to do anything at all, Billy? That’s exactly what I thought, Chet.
coufeae on 2023-08-18
YouTube is horrible. That’s a statement made from a person who watches YouTube daily. The censorship they put on videos is good but if you are trying to create videos and show the public it takes a Mr beast type of video to even be viewable to a bigger audience. Also if you are in need of an emergency and try looking up a video you get an add but in order to remove ads you need to pay for their subscription. I know it looks like I’m hating on them yet giving them 5 stars but in reality there are just so many good things this website does and somethings like removing dislikes that are not as good. Dislikes are a good thing if it’s public you know the video is most likely a bad one so if you are trying to find videos on how to do something and it shows you the dislikes you can’t tell if it truly works or not and comments are not good either as they can sometimes just be bots. Overall real rating 21/24
YouTube Censorship
jammincams on 2023-08-18
It’s a shame that google purchased this domain, and turned it into a communist censored app, especially, when Google is working as an agent, on behalf of the government. Google does not honor nor protect the US Constitution laws, which are the highest laws of the land. Youtube used to be very special until Google took it over using capitalist money. Google is the strongest communist company in America as the higher, the E.S.G. score is the more they honor and protect communism, communism is rated by a high E.S.G. score. A Low ESG score represents freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. High E.S.G. score represents zero ownership of anything, including your freedoms, and or rights, food, water privacy Nor the flow of truthful information💯🗽⚖️🇺🇸
New update bully’s you to turn on Watch History if you want ANY recommendations on the Home Page.
JET240Z on 2023-08-18
The newest update is a horrible downgrade. Google/Youtube have made the decision to show you NO video recommendations on the Home Page unless you enable Watch History. It’s literally empty now, where as previously it would be filled with recommendations based on who you subscribe to - so stuff you’re actually interested in. YouTube is spinning it like a “feature” but truthfully it feels a lot more like bullying you into turning on Watch History. There are plenty of reasons people choose not to have it on - frankly YT’s algorithm is awful and maybe you don’t want nonstop car painting vids if you watch one. A real downgrade in the usefulness of the app.
Not sure if I have premium or not!
JulianaBetty on 2023-08-18
I signed up for premium but I still have the ads,ugh ugh ugh. I had premium once before in march of this year, gave it up for Lent as I was obsessively watching it. So now I want it back, order it, subscription says it will renew in august but I still get the flipping ads!!!! So I want to know am I paying for something I don’t have ? How the heck can I find out? There is no customer service for this service. Someone help me then I will most definitely give you tube a 5 star because I do love it.
Cable vs YouTube
MinoCaro on 2023-08-18
Gracias a YouTube pude comenzar, tarde pero al fin, de suspender nuestro servicio de cable que nos tenían ahorcados. Hasta hoy hemos disfrutado y seguimos disfrutando de buenas películas. Hoy si podemos decir mi esposo y yo que disfrutamos el fin de semana en casa en nuestro cine personal. El contenido y videos de toda índole, nos ha ayudado ha hacer muchas cosas por nosotros mismos siguiendo un tutorial. Es un servicio completo de información y diversión. Lo recomiendo al 100%. 🫶👍
The History
Nickname has been taking on 2023-08-18
I don’t like having my history on and now I need it on? What happened to not needing your history on to see recommended? If I have my history on and my phone gets hacked their going to learn more about me. I don’t want that and I think you don’t either. What happened to the taking my liked videos or the channels I’m subscribed to to make up my recommended you didn’t need history then. I don’t like this update and that’s what I have to think about it. Pease fix this YouTube.